Notary Johannes Bolkart

CV und Publications

I was born in Munich-Nymphenburg in 1978 and grew up there. After graduating from a humanistic-new language high school, completing my civil service in mobile geriatric care and a language study trip to Latin America, I studied law in Regensburg and Munich (both state exams with a grade of “very good”). During my studies, I worked for several law firms, mainly in the field of investment law. After passing my first state examination in 2003, I became a research assistant to Prof. Dr. em. Bruno Rimmelspacher at the LMU Munich, where I focused on civil procedural law. In 2006, I joined the Bavarian notary service and gained practical experience as an assistant notary in various assignments throughout Bavaria. In 2008, I was seconded to the Federal Ministry of Justice as a consultant, where I focused on legislation relating to stock corporation, partnership and real estate law. In 2010, I became a notary in Straubing, where I ran an all-round notary's office with a certain focus on commercial property law and advising owner-managed companies. In 2022, I temporarily stepped down from my position in order to have more time for my son. I also worked as a notary´s representative in several larger Munich notary's offices with a focus on corporate law. I have been a notary in Munich since 2024. I publish with a focus on corporate law and property law (publication list). I also notarize in English, drafts from third parties also in Spanish. I am married for the second time, have a son and a soft spot for sacred music.